Author: Mrs. Bilquis Begum

Year published: 2019

Dr. Abdul Husain, on whom Asaf Jah Vl, Mir Mehboob Ali Khan the Nizam of Hyderabad had bestowed the title of ìNawab Arastu Yar Jung Bahadurî. ìMoin-ul Hukma Jaleeluddinî was the title granted by the High priest of the Dawoodi Bohra Community Dr. Syedna Taher Saifuddin. He was also honored and addressed as ìMaseeh-e-Deccanî (healer of the Deccan) by thousands of his beneficiaries and admirers comprising of both the commoners as well as the elite. He was an exemplary man who had an unmatched personality. 

Bilquis Abid Ali has written this book about her father, the late Dr. Abdul Husain. It is not a formal biography, but it encompasses his life, deeds, and various incidents, which she knew personally, or learned from her family members and others in Hyderabad. Fifty years ago, Arastu Yar Jung treated many people but very few of them are still alive; therefore, Bilquis Abid Ali believes it is vital to record all these incidents expeditiously. Her narration is straightforward and spontaneous. While writing this biography, she has adopted an objective attitude which enhances the utility and value of this book. Although, as the daughter of her subject, she had the right to make use of her personal feelings and sentiments and pay homage to her father, she has not done so.

The persona of Nawab Arastu Yar Jung was multifaceted, like a chiseled diamond. He was an affectionate father who loved the members of his family and cared for their education and training. He was also a conscientious husband and the companion for his wife. Nawab Arastu Yar Jung was a revered and esteemed member of Dawoodi Bohra Community and belonged to a respectable family. He served the welfare of his community and expounded the importance of education to the youth, both men, and women, of his community. He donated a large portion of his wealth and property for an educational fund and religious needs of his community.



Author: Akram al-Majid

Translator: Mukhtar Ali

Year published: 2018

A parallel English-Arabic text

One of the most compelling and original works in Islamic mysticism, The New Creation discusses the Intellect and its related themes of light, life and the Abrahamic path of realization. For the first time, the worlds of Reality, Allusion and Expression are explored, as are the corresponding Intellectual, Imaginal and material worlds. The work not only engages numerous disciplines from philosophy, spiritual psychology, dream interpretation and Qurʾanic exegesis but intimates key elements of spiritual wayfaring as well.

The central premise of the work is that the Intellect is pure light, the first principle of existence, the fountain of life and the source of power and volition. When the Intellect manifests in the human being, its attributes transform both soul and body. Each successively becomes a new creation, ascending the ladder of perfection after the spiritual qualities of light prevail over the properties of materiality.

The New Creation is a landmark study of the Abrahamic faiths in which its key figures Abraham and Jesus epitomize the highest station of the Intellect. God made Abraham “a leader of all mankind” (Qurʾan 2:124) and Jesus used to say to the people, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never tread in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12). Throughout the study, the author employs powerful passages from the Bible and relates them to canonical Islamic sources.

An indispensable feature of the present edition is the translator’s introduction which is a commentary derived from the author’s lectures on the text. This introduction along with the parallel English-Arabic translation is a superb contribution to the field and an invaluable resource for students and scholars alike


Author: Akram al-Majid

Translator: Mukhtar Ali

Year published: 2013

A parallel English-Arabic text

This seminal treatise is a translation of twelve chapters of a larger work on spiritual intuition (ʿilm al-firasa) by Akram al-Majid, an expert in Islamic mysticism. The present work lays the foundation for the essential knowledge that guides the perceptive observer to discern inward properties from outward appearances. The author achieves this by providing a careful exposition of the various levels of correspondences and interrelationships within creation. An understanding of these correspondences not only opens up a window into various spiritual disciplines but more significantly it casts light onto the mystical worldview which focuses upon the creative patterns and divine connections within existence. From the spiritual vantage point, this work surveys the varying dimensions of divine manifestation as they unfold within the different degrees of Being. In this respect the work outlines the philosophical underpinnings of mystical inquiry, dealing with the nature of Being and the method by which it is understood and attained. Dr Mukhtar Ali has now made available this superlative work for English readers, providing a complete translation of the original Arabic text and the authors's extensive footnotes. This newly revised parallel English-Arabic translation will be a valuable asset to both students and scholars alike.

Updated version coming out soon (2019)

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Author: Zahid Ali

Year published: 2014